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We Are Working From Home

Dear clients and partners,

Here at Lockwood and Ward, we are taking every measure to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

As a result, we will be working from home from Monday 28 June - Until further notice from the NSW government.

Should you wish to contact your accountant over the lockdown period

please e-mail your accountant directly:

Steve Lockwood - Managing Partner - Steve@lockwood.com.au

Peter Ward - Partner - Peter@lockwood.com.au

Dean McGrath - Client Manager - Dean.Mcgrath@lockwood.com.au

Lily Lockwood - Partner - Lily@lockwood.com.au

Livia Lin - Accountant - Livia.Lin@lockwood.com.au

Michael Carruthers - Accountant - Michael.Carruthers@lockwood.com.au

Susan Kariuki - Accountant - Susan.Kariuki@lockwood.com.au

Dianne Mendoza - Accountant - Dianne.Mendoza@lockwood.com.au

Michelle Kuang - Accountant - Michelle.Kuang@lockwood.com.au

Laura Wei - Accountant - Laura.Wei@lockwood.com.au

For all other enquiries, please e-mail admin@lockwood.com.au

If you would like to make an appointment, please e-mail:




If it is urgent, please dial (02) 9299 7044.

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