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Remuneration Planning

At Lockwood & Ward we are able to design a salary package and administration service which will allow you to get the most benefits out of the after tax remuneration of your employees. We are able to perform many “What if” projections with our specialist software and personal experience so a number of outcomes are able to be considered.

With experience in customising packaging services for employers with employees ranging from only 1 to 1000+, we are able to help tailor a remuneration packaging service customised to your distinctive needs.

Services provided can include:

  1. Information sessions to educate employees

  2. Remuneration package processing

  3. General ledger reviews – pre & post package implementation

  4. Assistance with the preparation & lodgement of Fringe Benefits Tax returns

  5. Assistance with the calculation of termination payments which take into account remuneration packaging balances

  6. Development of an organisational remuneration packaging policy

Benefits commonly packaged include:

  1. Motor vehicles

  2. Additional superannuation

  3. FBT exempts benefits such as laptop computers, briefcases & mobile phones

  4. Other personal expenses (certain concessionally taxed organisations)

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