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Structuring/Transaction Analysis

Many businesses today are facing new and unforeseen challenges due to the ever evolving economic environment we are experiencing. While businesses aim to focus on responding to these challenges, strategies for well executed structuring is often forsaken, which can give rise to more difficult structures, and ultimately result in underperformance.


Unique and specialist skills are required for each restructuring scenario. Lockwood and Ward are able to ensure that our services are customised to your personal situation, including helping you to assess and evaluate opportunities, optimise transactions and accomplish your strategic goals.


Whatever your situation; whether you are looking for leverage solutions during successful times or need assistance with cash flow solutions and risk mitigation during demanding times, Lockwood and Ward are there to assist you when dealing with commercial challenges.

Transaction Analysis


Transactions can be one of the more complicated and risky business procedures you can perform. The possibility for error is high, speed is crucial, resources are restricted and there is pressure for results. Our focus will be to help you optimise your outcomes from the initial strategic assessment to the implementation and post-integration.

Our transaction support team will be able to help you assess the possible value and risks associated with a transaction. We will also assist you identify key drivers, mitigate risk, optimise deal structures and advise on future performance. Our aim at Lockwood & Ward is to ensure that you have a strong negotiating position and are able to experience a smooth transaction with as minimal disruption as possible.

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