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Capital Gains Tax

Profit from the sale of certain assets becomes taxable income known as Capital Gains Tax (CGT). CGT is a matter of importance for all businesses and investors and is one of the more complex areas in Australia’s taxation system. There are many rules which relate to CGT including asset acquisition and disposal, valuation and complex provisions on CGT exemptions.


We are able to assist you in determining the affects of CGT on your business, investment and retirement plans. Our extensive taxation consulting and planning services will help you reduce your exposure to many of the unforeseen drawbacks that CGT can present.


We aim to make sure that our clients are up to date of the very latest CGT developments affecting both their business and personal financial affairs. We provide professional services in all areas, including;


  1. Appropriate entity structures to hold assets

  2. Business rollover provisions

  3. Effective tax planning strategies for businesses and individuals

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