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Selling a Business

We regularly have a select list of businesses for sale; we have taken the view that it is not appropriate to provide details of our current listings on the website. Interested buyers should contact our office and we can email the current businesses which may be of interest. Further some vendors require even greater confidentiality, and prefer to exclude their business from our website listings.

Buying a Business

For business owners who want to acquire additional businesses. Your business is doing well and you want to grow but acquisitions take time and specialised effort. We can find, screen and negotiate with your acquisition candidates while you manage your business.

Understanding Lockwood & Ward will spend whatever time is necessary with you and your organisation to fully understand the growth objectives and strategies for your business. Understanding your unique needs is basic to developing sound recommendations.

Search Plan

The first key to a successful acquisition is to find the right business. We develop a search plan that will:

  • Establish the criteria for the right business

  • Research and identify candidates

  • Effectively solicit their interest

The plan will rely primarily on targeted marketing techniques and an expanding network of personal contact activity.


The second key to a successful acquisition is to pay the right price. Lockwood & Ward will evaluate your candidates on both standard financial measures and on other less tangible measures unique to the criteria you established. Special attention will be paid to areas of potential savings or exposure in the future combination of the two businesses.​

Confidentiality and Support

If potential sellers know too early who the buyer is, it can influence their price expectations or even their willingness to sell. In addition not every contact will develop into a real candidate. Our organisation will provide the confidentiality necessary to protect your time and your negotiating position. We will provide you with the support needed throughout the process of identification, search, evaluation, and negotiation of a completed acquisition.

Buying a business
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