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Business Valuations

Fees and Commissions

We are an independent corporation providing services tailored to your needs, we can offer flexibility in how we can charge for our services:

  • Per hour fees, based on the type of assignment

  • Per project fees based on a defined task

  • Commission, when assisting in the sale or purchase of a business

  • Or combination, where fees may become applicable toward reducing commission

  • All assignments and charges will be confirmed in writing.


Fees payable to Lockwood Business Sales on the sale of a business are usually rendered on a success basis. Our commission rates are:

  • 10% on the first $50,000

  • 5% on the first $1,000,000

  • 4% on the balance over $1,000,000

When entering into a commission arrangement it is our usual practice to charge a retainer and also for the additional services outlined below

Standard free service

All assignments undertaken are provided with the following services at no extra charge.

  • Marketing program and budget, Preparation of advertising copy for the media suggested in the marketing program.

  • Fortnightly reports by fax or mail of all phone calls, meetings and correspondence with prospective buyers throughout the sales process.

  • Buyer profile is prepared for all prospects who wish to proceed past the first contact; this may include a Resume if the buyer has one available.

  • All prospects are interviewed and screened for financial capacity and business acumen suitable to the business for sale

  • Negotiate sales price and structure in order to maximise Net Cash from Sale

  • Detailed Handover Checklist to ensure appropriate records of the business are maintained by the vendor and to reduce the risk of financial liability or disputes arising from the sale

  • Assist with Finance Application for the buyer where required

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