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Valuing your Assets

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

If your business has assets – such as vehicles, factory equipment, or property – it’s important to know when you might need a market valuation done and how to get one you can rely on.

When do you need a market valuation of your assets?

It is important to get a valuation when you:

  • Transfer or sell assets to related parties

  • Consolidate or change business structures

  • Pass the asset threshold for the small business capital gains tax concession

  • Sell your home which has more than two hectares of land

  • Provide non-cash benefits to your employees

  • Use the GST margin scheme if you are selling property as part of your business

  • Consider other transactions involving assets.

How to apply for a market value private ruling?

You can apply to attain a market value ruling from the ATO which will give you a binding asset valuation you can rely on for tax purposes. Your application can be either for the ATO to provide you with a valuation, or to confirm a valuation you provide them. Alternatively, to ensure your application is correct you can lodge an application through us.

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