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Benefits of having an SMSF

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Many Aussies are beginning to switch from Retail or Industry funds, which make investment decisions on behalf of members, to Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) where they have a wider range of investment options and additional control over their superannuation investment strategy. If you’re thinking of starting an SMSF, or are still unsure, here’s some SMSF benefits that you could be taking advantage of.

1. Take back total control of your Super

An SMSFprovides you with total control of your super and where to invest. Many of our clients find that they are dissatisfied with their Superfund’s performance and returns or simply believe they can choose stronger investments themselves and are option to set up and manage their own SMSF.

2. Manage up to 4 members’ Super in one SMSF

You can set up a SMSF for yourself and add up to three other people and consolidate the super balance from each member into one SMSF. Typically the annual fee for an SMSF is the same regardless of the number of members, adding additional members can reduce your fees in the long-term.

3. Transfer assets from your personal name to a SMSF

It is possible for members to make contributions of assets instead of cash such as Shares, Managed Funds, and Commercial property from the members' personal names into a SMSF (called in specie contributions). In specie transfers allow you to consolidate your Family Assets under the one SMSF tax advantaged umbrella. We note that taxation and capital gains tax issues should be considered.

To learn more about the SMSF basics, click here. If you are interested in starting an SMSF or wish to explore your SMSF investment strategy, contact us on 02 9299 7044 or at

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