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Santa Claus is Officially Coming to Town!

Santa Claus has requested permission to fly all around Australia on Christmas Eve, and the Australian Government has officially approved his travel plans. Even though, like many of us, Santa did not qualify for JobSeeker, JobKeeper nor even JobMaker, he is still on his annual mission to bring joy.

Father Christmas’ status as an “essential worker” has been given the green light at the highest level of the NSW government, with Health Minister Brad Hazzard officially granting Mr Claus, his reindeer and “any elves required to assist with delivery of presents” permission to enter the state to spread cheer to children without completing a 14-day quarantine.

Border restrictions that are still in effect will apply to all, but one – the jolly man in red and his hardworking team as he embarks on the busiest day of the year.

Mr Hazzard posted off an official letter to Santa express to the North Pole earlier this month to deliver the exciting news that he can spread cheer, joy, and laughter for children this holiday season.

Despite the magical powers that Santa possesses allowing him to travel the world safely without contracting or transmitting COVID-19, Mr Hazzard has addressed some government guidelines he will need to follow in accordance to the most relevant health protocols. Presents are only to be delivered after bedtime to avoid any contact. Santa’s elves must adhere to the 1.5m social distancing at all times, wash their hands between deliveries and to wear a mask where unable to social distance.

Gladys Berejiklian has stepped in to assist with alleviating any concerns and stresses to children who have been concerned about Santa bringing COVID into the home, but she insists this is not possible.

Scientists have made it their mission to better understand the phenomenon. Dr Anthony Fauci, infectious diseases expert in the US has revealed that Santa had an “innate immunity” to coronavirus. We have been assured that the only infectious risk he poses is in the form of laughter, joy and smiles!

COVID-19 has taken the world, but it does not harness the power that Father Christmas yields.

Have a happy and COVID-safe Christmas!

Remember to stay safe and santa-tise your hands!

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