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  • Is it possible to claim a tax deduction for Santa?

    As Christmas nears, small business owners begin to plan celebrations, and bring the year to an end. This is also the time to begin organising, planning and budgeting for the Christmas party. Instead of thinking that these functions are just another expense burden on the company's budget, let’s link Staff...

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  • Borrowing inside vs borrowing outside your SMSF

    Investing in property is the great Aussie dream and thus is also a very popular wealth creation strategy for many Australians. Property generally provides a stable and reliable income stream and has proved a good hedge against inflation....

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  • Wills – are they enough?

    Drafting a valid Will is not just important, it can be crucial in ensuring that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. But did you know that a Will, on its own, might not allow you to achieve all of your estate planning objectives?  If you die without a...

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  • Capital Gains Tax and Subdivisions – It’s all about Intention

    Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be confusing even for the best of us. However, to determine how a gain from a subdivision is taxed, it all really comes down to is: “intention.” Intention is the magical word and can more often than not determine your end tax payable result. If...

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  • What every investment owner needs to know about depreciation

    With the end of the year approaching and new year resolutions just around the corner, it is usually a time when buyers are on the hunt for a property and property owners think about renovating their current rental property. If you find yourself hunting for prospective properties then it’s worth...

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