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  • Market Update March 2014

    Despite a continuation of good returns for growth asset classes, farrelly’s consider that markets are back around normal levels, which means that most assets are still around fair value except for the US which is close to fully-priced as S&P500 approaches the 1900 level.  However, this means that we should...

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  • Are performance reviews worthwhile?

    As a business owner that employs workers, it’s important to understand the ever evolving world of human resource standards and observe how your business matches up. Currently, it has been noted that Australian businesses are using outdated performance management systems which chew up time without improving productivity. HR consultant’s claim...

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  • ATO Wants to Name Debtors

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  is attempting to crack down on debtors and has suggested that the Abbott government could change the law to count tax debts in personal credit ratings. Second commissioner Geoff Leeper expressed his agreement, in a parliamentary hearing, stating that such a change could be one...

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  • Has your tax refund been delayed?

    Waiting for a tax refund can almost be akin to childhood Christmas memories. The excitement, the thrill, the sheer impalpable exhilaration of sleepless nights waiting for that day to arrive when Santa or in this case, the Tax Man processes your refund and you can finally pay off your credit...

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  • 7 Causes of Business Failure (and how to avoid them)

    Over the years, at Lockwood & Ward we’ve seen many businesses come and go. Whilst we would like to profess that all of our business clients stay afloat in the long run, there are certainly a few reasons why businesses go bust. We’ve listed a few here to keep any...

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