Why you need to get your head into the clouds

For a small-medium business owner, the struggle to get ahead of the big boys is a seemingly perpetual loop. However, with the rise of cloud computing systems, it seems that SMEs are finally gaining the upper hand. SMEs are able to make educated and swift decisions to streamline their IT spend but never by sacrificing efficiency and potential growth. They move quickly and they are able to adopt new technology quickly without the red tape that binds their larger counterparts.

As an SME owner, it is important to understand the significance cloud computing will bring in the coming decade. If your business has not already started using these resources, then it’ll be ideal to start investigating this new technology. However this new resource is not only centered on IT; the cloud is being driven by an ecosystem of participants. The cloud environment can only work when the entire ecosystem is working harmoniously together. The sets of people and principals that support the environment are service providers, business users and IT users. Any cloud implementation requires cooperation, agreement and compromise from all parties.

The great upside to cloud computing is the transformation the cloud is making on businesses. It is creating new business opportunities as companies harness its power to efficiently facilitate new revenue, services and business. The cloud is able to break down barriers in the supply chain and facilitate a timely interaction between clients and suppliers. It is delivering speed, agility and cost reduction to IT and other functional areas within an organisation. The areas that are benefiting from the cloud the most are Human Resources, Client Relationship Management and IT Infrastructure.

Any change within a business model is always going to bring with it associated risks. Cloud computing is no exception; it requires an evaluation of the inherent risks and a strategy to mitigate them. Such evaluations include assessing storage of sensitive data, regulatory compliance issues, new data security and data controls and data recovery scenarios. Tax implications and international data access laws should also be considered.

Whilst our businesses do not have to represent an ultra futuristic model that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie, the move towards the cloud is here to stay. And to remain ahead of the pack, SME owners are sure to jump onboard.

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