When will you get your refund?

Eager to gain a clearer idea of when you will receive your refund? The ATO has provided estimations on how long it will take for returns to be finalised and information on how the ATO's app can help you check the progress of your return.

The ATO aims to finalise individual electronic current year tax returns within 12 business days of receipt. If they are unable to finalise your electronically lodged return within 30 calendar days of receipt, the ATO will inform you by email, SMS, phone call, or letter. If the ATO notifies you by letter, it may take up to 36 days for you to receive the letter from when you lodged your tax return.

In addition, the ATO aims to finalise:

  • individual tax returns lodged via paper within 50 business days of receipt.ATOapp
  • amendments to individual tax returns lodged electronically within 20 business days.
  • amendments to individual tax returns lodged via paper within 40 business days of receipt.

In regards to progress updates, the ATO Tax 2013 app makes checking the progress of your return easier than ever.

The app allows you to check  the progress of your tax return after your return has been lodged. It also provides other information and links to help you during tax time.

The app is available through Googly play and Apple App Store.

Download ATO Tax 2013 here..



If you have other questions regarding your tax return or would like to speak with an accountant, contact our office on 02 9299 7044.

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