SMSFs have happiest members

Yet another survey has found that those happiest with their super fund are those with their own self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).  

A survey by RaboDirect, the 2013 RaboDirect National Savings and Debt Barometer, found that those with an SMSF were not only happier but were in better financial health than those with another form of super.

The survey suggested that up to 14 per cent of Australians have actively investigated SMSFs and the results suggest that being in control of their financial future was clearly a big driver for respondents who had an SMSF.

"While a self-managed super fund isn't for everyone - you need a certain level of knowledge, money, time and interest to do it well - there is clearly a keen interest and appetite among Australians for this hands-on control of super and ultimately their retirement," RaboDirect group executive manager Greg McAweeney said.

"Regardless of where people currently have their super invested, we could all take a cue from SMSF investors by taking a more proactive approach to our financial outlook," McAweeney said.

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