Record Keeping and Reporting

It's important for SMSF trustees to keep accurate records to show their compliance with legal obligations, however it can be a long and mind-numbing task. So why not let us do the tedious work for you? Lockwood and Ward have partnered with BGL Australia to ensure that the transition to the new super regime is simple and stress free for our clients.

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Migration to BGL's Simple Fund for better compliance is easy with Lockwood and Ward.

We maintain the investment records and calculate the best tax outcome upon disposal.

Lockwood and Ward can provide a comprehensive set of annual reports for superannuation funds. The reports prepared include:
• Reporting and non-reporting compliant
• financial statements
• Investment reports
• Trustees' Statements
• Auditors' Reports
• Statement of Taxable Income
• Provision for Deferred Tax Reconciliation
• Income Tax Returns
• Annual Trustees' Minutes / Resolutions
• Members' Statements

If you would like to see sample reports, you can find them in the links below.

Ledger Reports

Create Entries Report

Financial Reports

Income Tax Return

Investment Reports

Member Reports

Audit Workpapers

System Reports

Simple Fund allows our clients to process funds under the new and old rules, and clients can choose when to adopt the new rules for each individual fund.

Through using Simple Fund, Lockwood and Ward can also generate reports for a particular period once relevant transactions are processed.

This means you can have better control on your fund's investment and further your understanding of your fund's performance.

If you are interested in migrating to Simple Fund or have any questions about your superannuation, give us a call on (02) 9299 7044 or fill out our form.

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