Property Investment

Is your Investment Property a good Investment?

We are asked this question many times by our clients.
What makes a good property investment, and how can you know if the one you have is good is a vexing question.

In order to provide assistance to our clients we have invested in a sophisticated software package which is able to proved in depth analysis of a range of scenarios.

This means that when you are considering any change in your property holdings, whether purchase, sale, renovation or development; we are able to give you a comprehensive analysis of the short and long term results.

Our Property Investment Analysis service will certainly make the decision making process more accurate.

Assuring you a positive return in Property

We think proper analysis is vital, our software will:

  • Factor in changes in rental levels, rises in property expenses and all other variables which change constantly over time
  • Investigate how tax affective is the property’s performance
  • Provide you an estimated amount of weekly contribution to maintain the proposed property investment
  • Provide you an estimation of the forecast capital growth, based on historic indicative rates
  • Analyse risks involved in your investment

Our Property Analysis provides

  • Effective decision making where you can quickly estimate your rate of return, tax savings, net after-tax cost, and affordability
  • An accurate reflection of property’s performance over time
  • Analysis of desired returns against different opportunities and determines which property delivers
  • Maximise tax deductions by setting up your investment correctly.
  • Appropriate loan structures to save interest and reduce debt effectively
  • Techniques to accumulate assets and build wealth through property investment

Do you have any of these questions?

  • What rent do I need to generate to break even?
  • What return can I anticipate on my investment?
  • What will it cost me after tax?
  • How much tax will I save?
  • How much can I afford to borrow?
  • What will be the real cost of finance after tax?
  • How much capital growth can I expect?

Reports which are detailed and concise

Investment Analysis

  • Cash flow projections
  • Internal rate of return
  • Before-tax & after-tax cash flows
  • Tax benefits
  • Variety of possible loan types
  • Calculate personal investment and borrowing capacities
  • Include a portfolio of properties

Home Loan Analysis

  • Borrowing capacity
  • Annual break-down of an investor’s home loan, showing the term of loan and total interest paid
  • Analyse methods of repaying your home loan faster
  • Consolidate and refinance several non-deductible loans into one

Wealth Builder

  • Property values, income and expenditure projections
  • Investment Equity & Net Worth
  • Loan to Value & Debt Service Ratios
  • After-Tax Cash Flows

Linked-loan analysis

  • Interest and repayment schedule for both the home and investment loans
  • Loan payment, balances and equity projections
  • Tax benefits

Taxation analysis

  • Taxable income
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Land tax liabilities for any State in Australia


Our basic fee for this service is $420, which includes your principal residence and one investment property.

Additional investment properties can be added at $150 per property.

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