Market Update September 2014

After reaching a high in early September, at the time of writing in mid-September it appears that Australian shares have begun to revert to their typical seasonal pattern, as summarised in the diagram below.

market update 1

For clients not fully invested this may be a good time to top up on sectors showing value – which is mainly Australian shares and emerging markets, especially North Asia, as summarised in our current ‘tipping point’ table below:

market update 2


The S&P/ASX 300 Index underperformed global equities in August, returning 0.64%. Over the last three months the index returned 3.56%. Over the year the Australian market has risen 14.15% against 21.05% from global equities in Local Currency terms and 15.35% in AUD update 3

The MSCI World ex-Aust Net Div Local Currency Index rose by 2.72% in August, after declining 0.95% in July. From an Australian investor’s perspective, the world index rose by 1.62%. The MSCI World Index ex-Aust (LC) is up 21.05% year-on-year and in AUD terms the index has surged 15.35%.

Listed Property and Infrastructure

REITs performed strongly in August, up 1.68%, taking year-to-date returns to 19.47%. That is well above the equity market return of update 4

Extremely easy financial conditions in global markets driven by central banks focusing on battling deflationary risks and have   supported the search for yield.   Together with the ongoing decline in bond yields, easy financial conditions have underpinned interest in REITs. Dwelling approvals posted a small but better than expected rise in July, up 2.5%mth vs market expectations of a 1.9% gain.

The outlook for REITS depends on the outlook for bond yields and whether the economy can continue to transition to domestic led growth without upsetting the bond market.

Fixed interest and Cash

market update 5The UBS Composite Bond Index climbed 1.01% in August, after rising 0.29% in July. This took the year-on-year return to 6.90%. The UBS Australian Govt Bond Index was 1.12% higher in August after rising by 0.33% in July.

The RBA continues to signal that policy remains on hold. With domestic growth sub-trend and inflation broadly in the target range there is no justification for a move in either direction. The rise in the AUD against a backdrop of declining commodity prices is of increasing concern to the RBA, although not enough to lead to a change of policy bias.

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Important note: this information is based on opinions and information obtained from various sources deemed reliable, especially AMP Capital, farrelly’s, Implemented Portfolios, and van Eyk Research, with graphs sourced from Bloomberg and van Eyk. However, it is of a general nature and has been prepared without taking account of anyone’s financial situation, objectives or needs. Before making any investment decisions based on the contents you should obtain professional advice.

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