Lockwood 5 Minute Financial Health Check

Since recommending the Money Smart online financial health check in a past newsletter we are pleased to now provide you with our own 5 minute financial health check self assessment questionnaire.  After submitting both you and we receive an email copy. 

If you would help with addressing some of the issues the health check identifies for you, you may also like to then complete our About you questionnaire

Once submitted we will contact you shortly afterwards to arrange an appointment with our Partner – Wealth Consulting, Michael Rees-Evans CFP®.  Our fee for that consultation is $330 including GST, after which we expect you will have some clearer ideas of how to address some of the issues identified by your health check.

Alternately, if the results suggest you may benefit from a longer-term financial planning relationship, you may wish to rather use your results as the base for our Discovery Meeting, which is explained further in our Financial Planning Flyer.

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