Happy New Year – time to review business or personal goals?

After a Christmas break and the summer holiday period, in which we hopefully manage to take time to reflect on the year just gone, it can be useful to consider setting personal and professional goals for the year ahead.

While making a New Year’s resolution can be a bit of a cliché there is, nonetheless, some truth in the saying, “Fail to plan…..plan to fail”.

In your business life, you are now half way through the financial year.  All too soon the end of the tax year will be upon you again.  Have you conducted a half-year review of your business progress against plan?  Are you on-track to achieve your business goals for the year, or is it worth having a half-way check up with your accountant to see what business or tax planning opportunitiesthere might be for you to effect in the second half of the year?

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In your personal life, are you on-track to achieve the outcomes that are important to you and your family - if you have already agreed what they are, or are you simply living from day to day, trying to make ends meet?  Do you know what financial resources you need to achieve your goals this year and beyond and what financial strategies to use to achieve them?

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Our wealth consulting service aims to help clients or prospective clients deal with the financial uncertainty in their life.  Our web page “What is financial planning” shows some of the ways in which we could help, along with the steps you can follow to proceed with seeking our help, or you can go direct to the “Where do I start” page.

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