Digital Tech Kit for Small Businesses

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has launched a new Digital Business Kit with an accompanying website as part of its Digital Ready program aimed at encouraging small businesses to embrace emerging broadband and IT infrastructure.

Funded by the Australian Government, ACCAN's Digital Ready program is targets at small businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the arts, recreation, and education services sector.

The program's kit was launched on September 16 by the Council Small Business of Australia executive director Peter Strong at the 2014 ACCAN National Conference. It is expected to enable SMEs to take advantage of the opportunities offered by emerging digital and telecommunications technology.

The kit is set out to help organisations build skills and knowledge to engage in the digital economy. It offers tailored, sector-specific "how-to" guides on the use of digital and online systems to improve your business and operations. The kit also contains instructional materials, video case studies, and video tutorials. These all cover a range of topics such as; determining an online strategy, using social media, cloud computing, online registration, e-commerce and telework.

The kit is free for anyone to access and is available online here.

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