Lockwood & Ward Tax Services

We take the stress out of tax time!

With our team of registered tax agents our services include:-

  • Individual and partnership tax returns, covering
    • Rental property
    • Investments
    • Business income for sole traders
    • Contractors
  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

While we specialise in small to medium sized businesses, it is also advantageous for us to complete the tax returns for the business proprietors, their family trusts, and investment entities. Company employees may also benefit themselves from our services.

With the increasing complexity of tax regulations, it is highly recommended that this task be assigned to a professional tax agent. Individuals who prepare their own returns may be unaware of entitlements or overlook declaring certain forms of income, which may result in a lower return.

For businesses, our services include the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements. If a Lockwood & Ward bookkeeper is attending to your ongoing bookkeeping requirements, they will liaise with one of our expert accountants to ensure that you receive reliable year-end data. We can also assist in the preparation of Fringe Benefits Tax returns.

Lastly, for Self-Managed Super Funds, we can offer setup, management and auditing services.

So why not ask a Lockwood & Ward bookkeeper to arrange a quote for the services which suit your needs.