Our Fee Agreement

Following common industry practices, our fees are based on the time take to complete your work. We maintain our timesheets using a Time & Billing system and at the completion of your work (or the end of the month) we prepare a fee based on the time spent in completing the work. Professional fees, rendered to a client, are based on a consideration of fairly assessing the value of the work performed, with the following taken into account:

  1. the skill and knowledge required for the type of work;
  2. the level of training and experience of the persons necessarily engaged in the work;
  3. the degree of responsibility applicable to the work; and
  4. the time of all persons engaged on the work.

There are three options our clients can choose:

  1. Email or Mail only
  2. Email or Mail and then Telephone Conference or Meeting with Partner/ Client Manager/ Senior Accountant to finalise
  3. Meeting with Client Manager / Senior Accountant for data entry then with Partner to finalise

As an indication of costs for the above, we estimate:

Partner Client Manager Senior Accountant
Option 1 $350 + GST - -
Option 2 $300 + GST $240 + GST $200 + GST
Option 3 $350 + GST $270 + GST $220 + GST

These costs are for a basic Return, increases should be expected for complex matters.

We trust that our systems above will provide our clients with the best possible service we can deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have issues you need to discuss.